Follow My Dreams

Follow My Dreams

Morning Star is very excited to be able to feature a guest journalist. Kayla is a part of our Personal Supports program and we thank her for this contribution.

My dream has been to be a journalist. It feels so good to be a writer.

I want to tell you about myself. I am 24 years old, I live with my parents. I have two brothers, Matt and Mark. I was born with Down Syndrome.

My favorite things to do are playing my music. It is very important to me. I play the guitar, I sing, and I am in a band. The name of my band is Singing-Heart.

I want to write about my jobs. The best company is ESR and YMCA. I thank the staff there for supporting me. They have been wonderful.

I play sports for the special Olympics. Like floor hockey, basketball, bocce ball, and I always dreamed to play tennis someday. The coaches make me a better player.

Thank-you so much to Amara and Orion for making my dream come true to be a journalist person!



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