Utah Caregiver Compensation Updates

We’re pleased to announce that DSPD is keeping Caregiver Compensation as an ongoing program!

Although there is still information forthcoming from DSPD regarding the program, there is one very important change that needs to be addressed immediately. In order to remain in compliance with IRS tax regulations, the compensated caregiver and the employer may not continue to be the same person. This means that if you are enrolled with Caregiver Compensation as both the Employer and the Employee, then an adjustment must be made to proceed with Self-Administered Services. It is critical to begin the adjustment process right away to ensure your services continue without interruption.

To view the documents for the Utah Caregiver Compensation updates, please click here.


Please contact Morning Sun by phone, 1-877-450-5041, or by email Allison McCune or Ceil Van Campen with any questions or to receive an Employer and/or Employee Enrollment Packet which can be sent by US mail, by email or found on our website at

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