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Morning Sun Financial Services is a Financial Management Service that provides the highest quality services to support participant-directed programs. We provide participant-directed services for those with disabilities and the elderly.

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Morning Sun’s history of supporting participant-directed services dates back to 1998 in Minnesota.  As the self-determination movement began to grow, two organizations joined forces to create Morning Sun Financial Services.  Morning Sun was founded to provide persons with disabilities and older adults greater choice, flexibility, and control over how their services are delivered and their needs are met.

Today, Morning Sun supports participant-directed services in numerous states and is recognized as a leader in the industry.  We continue to support self-determination as it evolves and take pride in creating best practices that make people’s lives better.

Morning Sun continues to provide participant-directed services in Minnesota via its related company Orion ISO.  Morning Sun Financial Services was formerly known as Morning Star Financial Services.

If you’d like to speak to us directly about Morning Sun’s services please visit our Contact Us page for more information.



Participant-directed services offer individuals more control and greater flexibility in the services they receive and how they are provided.  Morning Sun Financial Services supports participants in their choices about the level of responsibility and control they wish to have in managing their care.

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Thank you for your interest in Morning Sun Financial Services.  To learn more about Morning Sun’s services contact us by sending an email to or by calling us at 877-450-5041.



State Specific Questions

Alabama: 833-450-5195

Colorado: 833-450-5189

District of Columbia: 833-450-5189

Georgia: 833-450-5189

Iowa: 833-450-5189


Louisiana: 833-239-3768

Missouri: 833-450-5189


New Jersey: 833-450-5189

New York: 833-450-5189

North Carolina:

Ohio: 866-233-7024

South Carolina: 833-450-5189 Toll Free

Tennessee: 1-844-450-5444

Utah: 877-450-5041

Virginia: 833-450-7907

West Virginia:

Representatives seeking new providers for Financial Management Services in states in which Morning Sun does not currently operate should contact Cheryl Vennerstrom by calling 763-450-5007 or via email.

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