Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Morning Sun Financial Services located?

We are headquartered in Minnesota and have customer service offices in several states. Our address is 9400 Golden Valley Road, Golden Valley, MN 55427. We are approximately 5 miles west of downtown Minneapolis.

How can a person contact Morning Sun directly?

You can contact Morning Sun by sending an email to or by calling us at 877-450-5041.

What are Participant-Directed Services?

Participant-Directed services, sometimes referred to as self-directed or consumer-directed services, means that individuals or their representatives have decision-making authority over the services they receive. Participant-Directed services gives individuals more flexibility, control and responsibility for managing all aspects of the individual’s care.

What is a Financial Management Service (FMS)?

A Financial Management Service, sometimes referred to as a fiscal intermediary, is a service that assists participants with managing their participant-directed budgets. The FMS supports the participant by facilitating employment of staff, processing payroll, withholding and depositing taxes, providing expenditure reports, and other administrative services. Support models may vary by state and/or program.

In which states does Morning Sun operate?

Currently we provide financial management services in Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Utah. Morning Sun provides participant-directed services in Minnesota via its related company Orion ISO.

What is Orion ISO?

Morning Sun Financial Services is a related company to Orion ISO. In Minnesota financial management services are provided by Orion ISO.

Where can I send an RFP for services?

Representatives seeking new providers for Financial Management Services in areas where Morning Sun does not currently operate should contact Cheryl Vennerstrom by calling 612-239-3768 or via email to

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