Morning Star’s 10 Commitments to Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a core value at Morning Star Financial Services. It drives every decision we make. Without our customers Morning Star would not exist. Satisfied customers are a requirement for our continued success.

These are our 10 Commitments, the rules by which we live and work by at Morning Star. These 10 Committments guarantee excellent  service for our customers.

Morning Sun FS

  1. We consider you, the customer, our boss. Our business is to serve you and serve you well.
  2. We appreciate you as customers and we want you to feel important. Not only do we appreciate your business but we care about you as individuals. We make your lives easier by doing a great job.
  3. We make our systems work for you. We understand paperwork, rules and policies, although necessary, can be tiresome. We make systems as simple as possible and work with you when you need help.
  4. We listen to you.We want to communicate with you often, and will give you our full attention in order to learn what is really important to you
  5. We identify what you need from us and how we can best deliver effectively. We get to you know you so we can not only identify your needs but anticipate them as well.
  6. We help you. If there is something we can do for you, we figure out a way to do it. There is always an alternative route to getting the job done.
  7. We apologize. It’s impossible to avoid making mistakes on occasion. If this happens, we will apologize and fix the problem immediately without placing blame.
  8. We value your input. Your feedback is important to us. Learning what we do well and where we can improve is critical to continous improvement
  9. We believe in a single point of contact. We assign each customer an experienced Coordinator so you will never have to call around or wonder who to contact to get your needs met.
  10. We exceed your expectations. Because of our 10 Commitments, we provide a quality of service you will not receive elsewhere.


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