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Morning Star Now Provides Services in Colorado

Morning Star Financial Services is pleased to announce they have been chosen as a Financial Management Services (FMS) provider in the state of Colorado for the Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS). They will begin providing services as of January 1, 2015.

Recently the state of Colorado decided to expand the number of financial management services providers they work with (from one to three) to offer choice of providers and to better meet the needs of the participants of these services.

“As an organization, we are honored to be chosen to support the state of Colorado in this important program. Morning Star has continued to add new state clients due to the strength of our references, which are of course is a reflection of the high quality of our services,” said Cheryl Vennerstrom, COO of Morning Star Financial Services.

Morning Star Financial Services, a national provider of Financial Management Services, currently works with the states of  Utah, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Ohio and serves over 3000 participants. A related entity, Orion ISO serves over 1,150 Minnesotans who self-direct their services.

Financial Management Services include providing payroll administrative services, making payments to employees and assisting with managing funds and expenditures on behalf of people receiving Medicaid funding, which typically includes people with disabilities, the elderly and their caregivers. This program allows individuals to “self-direct” their services which includes duties such as hiring, training and scheduling their own support staff and managing their home care so that it meets their individual needs.

“Morning Star’s national presence continues to grow with our engagement in the state of Colorado, said Rebecca Thomley, President of Morning Star Financial Services. “We’ve stayed committed to growth that does not come at the expense of hands-on, high quality service. This has proven to be a differentiator with government clients seeking to engage with a new Financial Management Services provider.”

Morning Star is thrilled for the opportunity to work with the state of Colorado and the CDASS program. Many of the individuals who will work with this program were part of a group of volunteers who assisted with disaster relief after the flooding in Colorado in 2013. Headwaters Relief Organization is a related entity and national disaster relief non-profit. In October 2013 volunteers assisted with clean-up and mental health support in Boulder, Lyons, Longmont and Jamestown. For more information, please visit our website at



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