Morning Star is Committed to Providing Services to the Elderly

Morning Star Financial Services is committed to serving people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. With 13 years experience providing services to the elderly, we are particularly invested in the wellbeing of the senior population.

Our focus at Morning Star is to meet the needs of each individual. We have tailored many of our systems and processes to best meet the needs of our elderly clients, whether through our methods of communication, website updates (including enlarged fonts) or our ability to work with the entire care team, including family members and other caregivers.

We strive to make sure our services, information and staff are easily understood and accessible to all. In particular, we will always adapt our communication style to fit each client’s needs. For the elderly population this may mean meeting face-to-face more often in the individual’s home, or communicating more frequently with family members and caregivers. We do whatever it takes to provide the best care possible and ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

While many elderly clients are comfortable with technology and using the web to access information, we understand this may not be the preferred method for all. With this in mind, our advancements in technology will never replace more traditional methods of communication. This includes continuing to use postal mail, having phone conversations instead of e-mail and meeting face to face whenever it’s desired or necessary.

In fact, we feel it is very important to meet with individuals in person at every opportunity. When someone is interested in initiating services with Morning Star, they are assigned to a Coordinator. This Coordinator is the main point of contact for all service needs. The Coordinator is always available to meet with clients at a desired location and time to arrange services. The Coordinator is also available for ongoing training as necessary to make sure everyone maximizes the benefits of our services.

Our personal approach, including face-to-face meetings and ongoing training, provides a foundation for communicating with and serving every individual uniquely. We offer a variety of classes to family members and caregivers at our office. Many of our classes are free to our clients’ families.

Morning Star Financial Services is committed to going above and beyond to help anyone who would like to use self-directed services. We will adapt to meet the specialized needs of every individual’s language, culture, location, age and ability.



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